Description: High Lonesome dirge feels like sagebrush blowing across a windswept plain. Some similarity to Led Zeppelin in heaviness.

Description: Country/Rock/Americana banjo led instro, heavy bottom will remind you of Zep in their more country leaning tracks.

Description: Sunny, upbeat, with folksy blues feel...beautiful melody, featuring slide guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion.

Description: Banjo provides the lead in this down tempo number, with Zeppelin like bottom and country slide guitar action.

Description: Zeppelin like drum, harmonica, slide guitar riff open this track and it takes us on a slow stomping melodic ride. Feels like lonesome.

Description: Downtempo, sounds likes a country leaning Stones track, with minimal vocalizations. Moody and reflective. Think and drink.

Description: Will remind you of a Stones country flavored song; downtempo, with slide guitar,piano, organ,drums...reflective and lonesome...think and drink.

Description: Mid-tempo,Bo-Diddley beat, country flavored rock track with harmonica, guitar, drums.

Description: Downtempo, drum heavy tune featuring banjo and slide guitar. Very Folky/Country/Americana/Bluesy, but those drums come from the John Bonham playbook.

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