Description: Downtempo, sounds likes a country leaning Stones track, with minimal vocalizations. Moody and reflective. Think and drink.

Description: Will remind you of a Stones country flavored song; downtempo, with slide guitar,piano, organ,drums...reflective and lonesome...think and drink.

Description: Driving Southern Country Rock track with male vocals and full band.

Description: Laid back Southern Rock/Country/Folk track with male vocals.

Description: Guitar and a high lonesome harmonica kick this off...joined by banjo and percussion. Brooding downtempo feel of wide open vistas.

Description: action, agression, stubborn, adventurous,

Description: Raw and emotional Southern Blues/Country/ Rock track with male vocals.

Description: Fast Punk Rock - Positive, Happy and Funny with Acoustic Guitar and Glockenspiel

Description: An instrumental country rock tune.

Description: Happy, uplifting rock track with carefree southern/folk feel. Great for background music. Driving beat and cool strumming guitars.