Description: Energetic yet dreamy and atmospheric instrumental track with great mix of guitars, keys, acoustic and electronic drums and synth instruments. Modern and wide sound - dynamic with positive emotions, though light thanks to ambient loops and sounds paired with main drive theme with u2 style guitar parts. Great as background for advertising and commercials, showing movement, traveling, active life style, bright and positive emotions and challenges.

Description: Intense music track featuring powerful drums, driving bass, and twin rock guitars in harmony. Perfect for commercial video production, background music, YouTube channel and more!

Description: Powerful, energetic breakbeat track, full of adrenaline and strength. Heavy guitar riffs, viscous, acid synths, punchy bass and violent drum grooves create volitional mood, the mood of struggle, speed and victory. Perfect for: tv, commercials, corporate projects, radio, sport, fight, sound illustrations, presentations, promotions, youtube videos, films, party promos.

Description: Corporate Rock Theme featuring electric guitar, synth, bass and drums. Simple theme for television, cable, internet theme music. Repeating harmonized lines of the synth and guitar sets the main premise for this theme which is joined shortly thereafter by distorted guitar and drums. Great opener. Instrumental, Corporate, Corporate Rock Guitar

Description: Contemporary groovy rock featuring catchy guitar riff, bass, drums, tambourine and claps. Perfect for using as background for advertising, active videos or any kind of media project.

Description: Energetic, powerful Rock track with edgy electric guitars, solid drum beat and catchy synths in the chorus section. Uplifting, happy feel with a sense of achievement through determination.

Description: Cheerful, optimistic and vibrant song. Electric guitars, drums and digital percussion. An atmosphere of energy and force that works for any project where the music needs to be a quality item.

Description: Soft Rock, positive and energetic corporate mood. Great for a slideshow presentation, summer advertising video.Strong drums, bass, guitar .Nice living driving for computer games and movies, as background music, business websites.

Description: Uplifting, rock track featuring drums, guitar, bass, the energy of a rock'n'roll band and the sound of a powerful compressed rock song.

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