Description: Electronic New Age Industrial Spot Transition Medium Up-tempo Quick Friendly Human Positive Determined Resolute Synthesizer Drums Strings Percussion Timpani Orchestra Action Transition Conclusion Interlude Background Intro Urban Family Morning Travelling Moving Contemporary Modern Technology Industry Communications Computers Science Television TV Radio Advertizing News Business.

Description: Warm opening theme with piano and orchestra leads into a simple, hymn.

Description: Extension of ww700110, the hymn melody played on piano and oboe with strings, resolved ending.

Description: Alternate version of ww700110, with up.

Description: The hymn from ww700110, with piano, oboe and orchestra.

Description: Uptempo on the road piece with piano, rhythm section and orchestra, resolved ending.

Description: Energetic synthesizer and percussion open into orchestrated theme.

Description: Alternate version of ww700126, and extended rhythm bed ending with trumpet signature.

Description: Warms and sweet piano and orchestra setting.