Description: The National Anthem updated, with electric piano and orchestra.

Description: Melodic signature from ww700090 on solo piano.

Description: Bright and brassy short introductory fanfare.

Description: Fast, Orchestral Classical New Age Industrial Slow Moderate Medium Fast Soft Calm Gentle Peaceful Tranquil Warm Love Loving Care Caring Sweetness Exotic Human Determined Confident Strong Strength Serious Piano Bass Harp Woodwinds Flute Oboe Bassoon Clarinet Brass Horns Strings Percussion Orchestra Timpani Chase Action Tension Relief Conclusion Resolution Interlude Background Love Pastoral Family Industry Television TV Radio Movies Panorama Films.

Description: Extension of ww100072, gentle and warm, featuring piano.

Description: This is uplifting, energetic, dance indie rock track with background vocals, electric guitars, bass, synth and drums. Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, video production, background music, fashion show, YouTube channel and more!

Description: Urban r'n'b rock guitar riff groovin

Description: Epic and proud , this Native American theme is a fusion between the old and the new. Noble , Heroic an filled with positive energy.

Description: Heavy rock guitars with an industrial groove, think Beastie Boys Sabotage or Iron Man theme. Big, loud and bad-ass. I have mixed in some synth sounds to give the cue a hybrid feel that keeps it fresh. Suitable for sports action, trailer cues, games and promos. Will work well as a music bed for action sequences.

Description: Positive and open energy.Modern and exciting ,this is all about speed / action