Description: Hard Rock & Airy Flute.mp3

Description: A hard rock track, with crunchy guitars and punchy drums delivering a lot of energy! Great for dynamic and high impact TV and radio commercials.

Description: Very groovy modern rock track with solid beat, funky, edgy guitars and flowing bass. Sure to get ya movin!

Description: This one is an inspirational, motivational and cool instrumental rock music for commercial use. Perfect for youtube, promo, presentation, advertisement, slideshow and any project that need powerful, optimistic, energetic, inspirational mood and rock sound.

Description: Energetic driving gritty Texas blues rock, A power trio sound, a live raw sound, good for action, chase, determination, gutsy, excitement and similar. Powerful, strong, intense, 155 BPM.

Description: A dramatic and intense, rocking track featuring a massive bass riff and cool synths. Fun head bobbing groove music nice spy, evil guy mysterious type of sound for action sports video, film, tv backgrounds, exciting happening events, hardcore fun, multimedia projects or instrumental rock collections.

Description: Liftoff Bass And Drums.Wav is an alt-mix of the track Liftoff containing the bass guitar and drums. There are no electric guitars in this mix making it convenient for editors to use in their high energy projects where there is a need for the feel of rock music without the definition and stereotype of adding guitars to the mix. Ideal for action/adventure, t.v., film, commercial, car racing, extreme sports, tattoo shows, etc.

Description: American Hero Fill 1.wav is a solo guitar fill composed of six notes. The sound is a fender stratocaster with mellow distortion and a judicious amount of delay. This track is ideal for a project requiring an uncluttered melodic guitar with just the right amount of punctuation.

Description: Powerful, rocking, heavy, bright and pumping music theme. Claps, stomps, aggressive drums, reinforced with powerful percussion, indie / hard rock guitar riff, screaming crowd, mighty hits and big toms, all this creates a mood of sporting of the match, collective ecstasy, unity, winning and adrenaline explosion. Great for film production, TV production, radio show, advertising, all kinds of sports, fight, extreme and GoPro videos. Suitable as background, soundtrack or sound illustration.

Description: A smooth & sultry solid classic rock track featuring a superb male vocal performance, a powerful drum back beat, fat bass, cool synths, funky guitar riffs. A tightly constructed retro feel original track. Music for a wide range for media projects, tv theme, radio play, video, in store shopping tunes, Male Vocals, Rock, Classic Rock

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