Description: Suspenseful edgy blues rock instrumental. Beefy guitar. A sense of tough coolness with an edge, tons of character. An suspenseful intro that leads to an energetic rock steady body and ends with the suspense. Good for action, suspense, car shows, motorcycles, anticipation, attitude, edginess, cool, bold, brave, street smart, toughness.

Description: A hot road cruising blues rock instrumental, energetic and driving. Think motorcycles and hot rods, cruising down the highway.

Description: Little piece of music in neoclassical shred guitar rock style, which would be a proper decision for your intro, outro, jingle, short trailer or commercial on the radio, TV, etc.

Description: A bright upbeat rock instrumental with a good time positive vibe featuring clean rhythmic electric guitars, fun, happy and feelgood.

Description: A positive feelgood upbeat rock instrumental with a sunny good time feel featuring clean catchy electric guitars, a unique style and sound.

Description: An upbeat happy positive cross genre rock instrumental, a lighthearted good mood feel, clean electric guitars, bass and drums delivering a catchy beat and groove, lots of fun.

Description: Energetic rhythmic instrumental rock, guitar driven, strong powerful good times with an edge.

Description: Heartland rock instrumental, upbeat, fun, good times, rhythmic, a feelgood happy vibe.

Description: A positive uplifting rhythmic rock instrumental underscore, think open roads and skies, an upbeat easy cruising feel, nice interaction between two electric guitars, great steady flowing groove.

Description: An upbeat energetic rock instrumental of Happy Birthday, harmony electric guitars, driving beat and groove of bass guitar and drums, lots of fun.