Description: Song about an Egyptian facing the Feather of balance, and feeling regret about missing out on the important parts of life.

Description: A track about mortality and submitting to the ineffable lightness of being. A bit Coldplay-like.

Description: Nice Soundtrack with Alternative Indie Sound With acustic and Electric guitars

Description: Wonderful melodic elements take the simple and expand into rock with many different sounding guitars creating the other-world texture.

Description: Instrumental alternative pop/rock

Description: A melodically intricate and rhythmically stimulating adult contemporary instrumental. Geat for all sorts of underscore from movies to documentaries to corporate.

Description: fun, acoustic, rock, indie, pop, bright, cheery, hopeful, inspiring

Description: A moody, dark, dreamy introspective about surrender and persistence, with the promise of a happy ending.

Description: Instrumental alternative pop/rock

Description: Adult contemporary beat featuring guitars, flutes, clavinets, and strings. Possible uses can range from commercials, web videos, trailers, etc.

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