Description: Very happy sounding and bouncy with cello, thin keys, guitars and sound effects.

Description: Midtempo lilting instrumental that features a sad cello and cool electric guitars. It starts out slow and then swings.

Description: Sounds very busy, like bees or fast motion with a country-esque feel. Quite a few changes in instrumentation and feel.

Description: A unique melodic and groove driven progressive instrumental. Contains elements of psychedelia among the inventive hook lines.

Description: Wonderful melodic elements take the simple and expand into rock with many different sounding guitars creating the other-world texture.

Description: This track uses light rock and pleasing melodies to convey a feeling of happiness and activity.

Description: A melodically intricate and rhythmically stimulating adult contemporary instrumental. Geat for all sorts of underscore from movies to documentaries to corporate.

Description: Thinking back on a former love and an innocent time.