Description: Midtempo alternative pop rock instrumental with a light and breezy feel.

Description: Midtempo, bright, breezy rock instrumental.

Description: This is energetic, fun, catchy experimental alternative rock+8bit track. The track has the typical 8 Bit character but with a modern touch. It is suitable for classic video games, but also for other projects where you need that vintage game feeling. Track will be perfect for different needs, as a soundtrack for action, extreme, sports , racing or fighting videos, retro games, films. Used instruments: Electric guitar, drums, bass, pads, 8bit chipsounds, synths.

Description: Awakening is a powerful alternative pop song using synths and dreamy clean electric guitars.

Description: A Different Shade is a strong power pop rock song with driving guitar riffs and strong drum parts.

Description: A very upbeat rock song with melodic delayed guitars.

Description: Epic indie pop instrumental with driving piano, guitar, synths and pad sounds and some smooth backing vocals.

Description: A happy upbeat alternate indie pop song, top hit, featuring charming female vocals, solid in the pocket groove from piano, guitar bass & drums. Catchy dulcimer riffs, natural feel, airy light, tightly constructed, very musical, excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, variety media productions

Description: Rock, Indie, Alternative, Sincere, Dreamy, Uplifting, Underscore, Intrigue, Scheming, Conspiracy, Plotting, Urgent, Mystery, Drama, Reflective

Description: Confident rock music loop. Great for contemporary, science, technology, business, and corporate projects where you need just an motivating style background music. There are more loops and full track version in my portfolio. Please, look for "Lite Rock". Thank you!