Description: Acoustic guitar playing a warm and flowing piece. Layered with subtle pads and textures.

Description: Driving instrumental tune featuring acoustic guitar as the lead melodic instrument with a full 5 piece backup.

Description: The modern and groovy acoustic rock consists of acoustic guitars, drums and a bit of atmospheric sound effects! Perfect for: - Film, television or radio in transitional moments. - Sport movie, energetic scenes, dance, driving, action. - Motivational presentations, team building exercises, speaker introductions, commercial media, promotional and other.

Description: This is a two part song that really takes off at around the 1:30 mark as the other instruments swell in. This song is thought provoking, nostalgic and inspirational / motivational. Either part 1 or 2 could be used separately or you could use the entire song as a whole in your production. This song would work great for film / video as well as any other situation requiring an emotive acoustic piece that builds as it moves forward.

Description: This is a piece recorded on a nylon string acoustic guitar and an acoustic bass. The sound is very simple, yet complex and jazzy in musicality with a descending chromatic phrasing. This could be used in many film and video applications requiring a piece with a unique, mysterious, perhaps slightly romantic organic acoustic sound.

Description: Inspiring guitar background music. Sensual, calm and easy melody with tender and romantic guitars. A bright energetic, positive , motivational, inspiring music for background in a romantic project, adventure films and games, love stories, epic and sentimental and emotional video, photo slideshow, moment of culmination, desing and creative movie, commercial media, advertising and presentations.

Description: A dynamic rock, acoustic, melodic, energetic and positive, to live your project and give it punch. Music that makes you want to hum, or whistle ...;)

Description: Acoustic Melody.mp3 is a track created for you tube videos film and commercials

Description: Mistaken.mp3 is a track created for you tube videos, film and commercials

Description: Acoustic guitar-driven Indie Folk / Americana with fiddle, mandolin, banjo, bass and percussion.