Description: Short track with reggae influences. Great for transition pieces in various media.

Description: Fat Reggae Hip-hop groove with a relaxing hypnotic feel. Sporadic vocal fills in a dub mix. A chilled reggae song with a spacious bassline, drums, piano, bubbly harp. Great for a get together scene, road trip,club scene, travel, TV

Description: This is a chilled reggae instrumental with a walking bassline, drums, piano, rhythm and lead guitar, organ, ethnic instruments. Great for a get together scene, holiday getaway, facing a challenge, street scene, bar or club scene, film and TV.

Description: A reggae instrumental with bouncing bass, rhythmic drums, rhythm guitar, piano, Hammond organ, harmonica, strings, choral synth. Great for travel shows, documentaries, TV, commercials, film, corporate, ringtones, media,

Description: Laid back Reggae instrumental with hip Funk Jazz overtones, exotic island get away sounds with refreshing electric piano improvisations and mellow rhythm section including organ, guitar, bass & drums. Travel Channel, Internet Radio, Fashion and Design, Television and Film, Ocean Front Cafe. Instrumental, Reggae, Contemporary Reggae

Description: It’s a happy and positive reggae tune composed with all of traditional reggae instruments, guitar, drums, big bass and trumpets. Good for beach, holidays, video animations and films. I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.

Description: A sensual and sexy reggae / dub track. This song is very suitable as background music for lux, fashion and glamour projects with an erotic touch. I hope this stylish composition can enhance your project, whether it be for corporate or personal use.

Description: Upbeat, Reggae, Jamaican, Island Pop, Rap, Rapper, Hip Hop, Happy, Fun, Feel good, club, Weed, Smoke, High, Dance, DJ, MC, How to, chill, smooth, groovy, Bass, Horns, Guitars, Organs, Percussion, TV Cue, Score, TV, Film, Radio, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Tasty groove roots dub reggae music created under good majestic stuff. Ha-ha sunny, we are happy!

Description: Dub reggae funny music. Track is created by folk music instruments, as flute, harmonica, harp and marimba.

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