Description: A hawaiian track with a serious tone. It has great percussion and dark melodies played on hawaiian pedal steel.

Description: A laid back reggae track filled with groovy elements like organ, guitars and melodic bass.

Description: A traditional Hawaiian track with pulsing ukulele tracks and hand percussion under pretty hawaiian pedal steel guitar.

Description: A laid back reggae track featuring organ, light guitars and a vintage groove.

Description: A romantic and slow moving Hawaiian track with hawaiian pedal steel guitar, kalimba, hand percussion and ukulele.

Description: A lively island track with a great groove featuring steel drums.

Description: A lively Latin mambo track with great percussion, piano, horn melodies and vocal samples.

Description: A tranquil Hawaiian track with hand percussion anchoring beautiful hawaiian pedal steel guitar, ukulele and vibes.

Description: A happy reggae track with a great groove featuring organ, guitars, kalimba and percussion.

Description: An intimate island track featuring steel drums and hand percussion.