Description: A beautiful island track featuring steel drums with great motion and a laid back vibe.

Description: A great soca groove highlights this cool track. Organ, guitar, and hand percussion lead the way. Can't you just feel the warm breeze?

Description: Welcome to the Islands. This track features steel drums and brass horns with a very cool groove and wonderful timbale percussion.

Description: A contemporary island track featuring Steel Drums with great energy and pace.

Description: A cool reggae track with a vintage groove featuring electric guitars, organ and percussion.

Description: A joyful hawaiian track featuring hawaiian pedal steel guitar, ukulele and hand percussion.

Description: A happy feeling reggae track with a great groove featuring nice guitars and organ.

Description: A cool reggae track with relaxing rhodes and organ. Very hip drums and picking guitar.

Description: A modern reggae track with great guitars, organ and driving drums.

Description: A vintage hawaiian track with beautiful ukulele and pedal steel melodies.