Description: Reggae type instrumental with 808s, heavy bass lines, synthesizers, and various melodic riffs throughout composition.

Description: This sweet nice little Reggae contains all classical components of a Reggae. Rhythm Guitar, Reggae drums, steel drums. You just need to grab a piece of smoke and feel the right mood. Laid-back exclusive Royalty Free Music reggae

Description: An energetic island track featuring steel drums with an awesome drum beat.

Description: A laid back latin track with soaring electric guitar lines and acoustic guitar picking and strumming. Nice hand percussion and groove as well.

Description: A soothing track with great vocal parts throughout. A laid back groove and hand percussion create a perfect bed for the friendly guitars and accordion lines.

Description: A great Soca groove highlights this track with brass and organ. It will instantly transport you to the beaches of Jamaica.

Description: A happy reggae track with a light groove featuring guitars, organ and electric piano.

Description: A modern take on a reggae feel. Complete with the phattest drum loops and coolest synthesizer bass around.

Description: A light and lively reggae track featuring electric guitars, kalimba and electric piano.

Description: A laid back and friendly track featuring the Ukulele with brushes and electric piano.