Description: A rebellious reggae track with air horns, organs and an electric guitar

Description: Sunny, positive music track featuring piano and accordion. This atmospheric piece is perfect for applications, games and cartoons.

Description: A cool reggae track with vintage sounding guitars and drums featuring marimba and organ.

Description: A dark voodoo-infused reggae track with organ, xylophone, and trumpet.

Description: Midtempo groovy Reggae beat, with soulful and perky organ sounds...this will remind you of the ice cream truck coming down the street.

Description: Midtempo, classic Reggae jam with guitar, bass, keyboards, horns, drums. Minimal vocal insert with "Dread No Religion" at 0:42, and "Dread No Fashion" at 2:20.

Description: “Be Happy” is an exciting, larger than life, feel good get up and go song that will get (and keep) your audience’s attention is seconds! With it’s uplifting and infectious rhythm and quick and catchy lyrics this track is perfect for advertising campaigns and commercial uses. It doesn’t stop there however – you’ll quickly find that “Be Happy” will make the perfect backing track for family video slide-shows, kick-starter campaigns and indie go-go campaigns, web ads, your YouTube videos and more!

Description: A happy and uplifting summer reggae with gentle female voices, guitars, drums and trumpets.

Description: Slow, laid back bassline-driven track with a reggae feel and electronic elements. Futuristic and off world, with sweeping and drifting movements. Suggests wide open spaces and other world landscapes. Thoughtful with a solid rhythm backbone.