Description: relaxed reggae beat with congo's and drums with an afro-cuban vibe.

Description: Carefree summer with acoustic guitars and malets

Description: A soulful Reggae influenced song about lost love, regret and eternal hope. Great male and female vocals and a grooving track!

Description: A high-energy reggae instrumental about “bashment time,” which is Jamaican slang for “we are going to have a great time.”

Description: Rainbow Lollipop is an uplifting, groovy and cheerful piece of music in the retro funk style with bass, synthesizer, keyboard and guitars.

Description: Oriental Reggae is an exotic and cheerful piece of music with oriental instruments, guitars, flute, piano and drums.

Description: Incentive is a joyful, motivating and uplifting piece of music with drums, organ, guitars, bass, keyboard and synthesizer; cheerful, upbeat and inspiring.