Description: A joyful hawaiian track featuring hawaiian pedal steel guitar, ukulele and hand percussion.

Description: A happy feeling reggae track with a great groove featuring nice guitars and organ.

Description: A cool reggae track with relaxing rhodes and organ. Very hip drums and picking guitar.

Description: A modern reggae track with great guitars, organ and driving drums.

Description: A vintage hawaiian track with beautiful ukulele and pedal steel melodies.

Description: A happy hawaiian track with light percussion, hawaiian steel guitar, and ukulele.

Description: A beautiful hawaiian track featuring hawaiian steel guitar, ukulele and hand percussion.

Description: A lite and lively steel drum track that will transport you to a beautiful tropical island.

Description: A happy uptempo Reggae piece with an ensemble that includes steel drums and takes you to white sandy beaches and tropical tour destinations. Perfect for tourism promos, resorts, travel programs, documentaries, adverts and any project needing that island paradise feel.

Description: A catchy instrumental with Reggae, Country and Blues overtones. Punchy grooving bass and drums, with bubbling organ, percolating guitars and mandolin, and atmospheric back porch dobro.