Description: A tranquil Hawaiian track with soothing melodies. It has Hawaiian pedal steel guitar, ukulele, flute, vibes and brushes.

Description: As the title says, this track transports you to the beaches of the Caribbean with all the beautiful people. Steel drums, organ and reggae guitars headline this piece with perky hand percussion adding great support.

Description: A pretty Island track featuring pedal steel guitar and dobro.

Description: A beautiful reggae track with pretty guitar melodies and a relaxed groove.

Description: A soothing Hawaiian track with beautiful pedal steel guitar, ukulele, vibes, hand percussion and brushes.

Description: A pretty hawaiian track with soaring pedal steel guitar melodies, ukulele, kalimba and hand percussion.

Description: A cool reggae track with vintage sounding guitars and drums featuring marimba and organ.

Description: A relaxed reggae track with a very hip groove and light melody featuring guitar and organ.

Description: A laid back vintage reggae track with a happy melody featuring guitars, marimba, organ and a nice groove.

Description: A happy island track with a great groove featuring Steel drums.