Description: Funky Reggae instrumental, mid-tempo, with soul/hip-hop/scratching overtones.

Description: This is a great Reggae Pop song about a guy having second thoughts about breaking up with his girl. He painfully admits "I'm not really cryin'", when it's quite obvious that he is. Bouncy, infectious danceable groove. It'd be ideal for retrospect of any romantic breakups. He wants her back. Male Vocals, Reggae Music, Reggae-Pop.This is a classic just waiting to be heard.

Description: A modern reggae track with great guitars, organ and driving drums.

Description: A cool piece of dubstep music with an acoustic piano. A fast paced piece of electronic dubstep music perfect for the nightclub, and a youth orientated visual scene. Great for clubbing visuals and discotheques.

Description: As the title says, this track transports you to the beaches of the Caribbean with all the beautiful people. Steel drums, organ and reggae guitars headline this piece with perky hand percussion adding great support.

Description: A haunting yet driving instrumental Reggae track

Description: reggae, dub, roots, tribal, jamaica, experimental

Description: Uplifting and friendly background music with strong feeling of summer and freshness. Funk guitars and a reggae beat underscore give the track a good sense of motion and forward drive, and great groove. Available versions: loop version, full track 3:48

Description: A cool reggae track with a vintage groove featuring electric guitars, organ and percussion.

Description: A light and lively reggae track featuring electric guitars, kalimba and electric piano.