Description: A huge powerful classic Rock ballad from the 80s! Other mixes and variations are also available for this track, including full mix, alternate mix, 60 sec mix, 30 sec mix, 15 sec mix and a short stinger. A rocking music track with rock guitars, heavy rock drums and thumping rock bass lines. Heavy, loud, aggressive and hard, this rock track is great for youth culture, modern adverts, commercials, reality TV and much more.

Description: A chilled and relaxed piece of smooth reggae music! Other mixes are available for this track, including full, alternate, stinger, 60 second, 30 second and 15 second.Classic reggae music with that skank bounce reggae feeling. Great for summer BBQs, cruising on the ocean, cooking in the garden, and chilling out on a sunny day!

Description: Positive reggae track in a sunny mood. Featured instruments are electric organ and electric guitars. Good as jingle, logo or ident for advertising, video or radio.

Description: Vibrant, sexy & positive contemporary Reggae style groove. Very summery with an exotic feel, cool beach party. Composed for radio & television 30sec commercials. Great for holiday adverts, tropical fruit products or you just want to stand out with a feelgood track. Main & underscore mixes

Description: Ska, comedy, band, walking bass, slap stick

Description: Ska, comedy, band, walking bass, slap stick

Description: melancholy, intropective, confused, nostalgic

Description: peaceful, relaxed, funny, free, guitar, bass, keyboard, organ

Description: Slow, laid back bassline-driven track with a reggae feel and electronic elements. Futuristic and off world, with sweeping and drifting movements. Suggests wide open spaces and other world landscapes. Thoughtful with a solid rhythm backbone.

Description: A cool reggae track with vintage sounding guitars and drums featuring marimba and organ.