Description: Very sexy jazzy feel good for any kind of slow urban scene nice and grooved a little trip hop feel Lovers music, candles glowing, satin sheets, kissing & backrubs, high fashion catwalk,

Description: Inspire your audience with this classic retro Motown wonder! Pop and R&B have never sounded this good. This track’s groove is upbeat and smooth. Use this track as background music in commercial, restaurant or lounge settings. Lighten the mood by adding it to your website or commercial.

Description: This is an Rnb song with trap elements in beat and many different synth sounds

Description: Medium Tempo, Soundtrack, Underscore, Television, Spacious, Orchestral, Keyboards, Instrumental

Description: Mildly funky nighttime groove-Alternate

Description: Mildly funky nighttime groove-Full

Description: Track in R&B style, with oriental ethnic motives. Track is recorded without the main melody, it leaves room for creativity. Maybe this music will inspire you to write the lyrics.

Description: This is a layed back soul theme usable for web, movie or audio and singing projects.

Description: A modern RnB beat with a lovely piano melody. Track featuring drums, bass, piano, synths.

Description: Funky and soulful, this piece will have you engaged and grooving to the beat. Your audience will not be able to contain themselves. They will want to dance and move to this one! It has amazing piano, clav grooves and bass guitar riffs. It is a fantastic piece with a funk and boogie feel perfect for a dramatic movie, theme song or advertisement.