Description: This is a bouncy, R&B meets four on the floor, dance style drums. This is a fun smooth track.

Description: RnB Rap Fashion Party. Motivating, big, bright, cello, cheerful, cheerful/happy, classic, clear, confident, cool, corporate, corporate motivation, discovery, easy, elegant, enchanting, energetic, entry television, every day, fun, funny, futuristic, gentle, happy, high tech, industrial, inspirational, inspiring, intense, love, moment of happiness, motivational, music for film, music video, orchestra, peaceful, playful, podcast, positive, pure, rap, reverb, rnb, sensual, soft, travel, uplifting, urban, web design, wedding music

Description: Flash Mob. Creative cool music. Powerful smooth hip-hop rhythm and solo reefs of acoustic guitar. DJ elements. Motivating music, which is suitable for different media projects, presentations, web sites, computer games, and many other projects.

Description: Bouncy and laidback with a funk feel, organ and electric guitar depicts a 1970's vintage scene.

Description: Funny hip-hop/rnb style thing. Swaggy feeling in it. Drums hot like Timbo style... Would work well for hip-hop producers yo dawg!) or maybe some teen movies :)

Description: Soundtrack, Urban, Chillout, Dark, Emotional, Melancholic, Menacing, Lenny Kravitz, Hypnotic, Haunting, Reflective, Tragic, Tension, Mystery, Trance, Action, Creepy, Sparse, Retro

Description: Soundtrack, Urban, Chillout, Weird, Upbeat, Playful, Underscore, Cute, Experimental, Inspirational, Reflective, Love, Feel Good, Choir

Description: eerie , spooky, unsettling timbaland-style rnb track with melancholy chords, sweet melodic guitars & weird hoover-synth lead.

Description: Modern and cool highlight this hip hop track featuring awesome grooves and dynamic melodies.

Description: Hip-hop instrumental . Dynamics, beautiful melody, tempo - is perfect for dance groups.