Description: Soundtrack, Urban, Chillout, Weird, Upbeat, Playful, Underscore, Cute, Experimental, Inspirational, Reflective, Love, Feel Good, Choir

Description: eerie , spooky, unsettling timbaland-style rnb track with melancholy chords, sweet melodic guitars & weird hoover-synth lead.

Description: Modern and cool highlight this hip hop track featuring awesome grooves and dynamic melodies.

Description: Hip-hop instrumental . Dynamics, beautiful melody, tempo - is perfect for dance groups.

Description: a great R&B soul feel good

Description: Beautiful sweet and very gentle RnB track with some kind of lounge vibe in it. Works really GREAT with Tv advertisments or jingles or presentations!

Description: Vintage R&B Beat with warm piano,retro drums,bells, trumpets and synths.

Description: A cool hip hop track with modern drum loops and synthesizer parts.