Description: Glad To Know Ya (T-BO from THB) is love R&B song for all mood

Description: Soul, R&B, Rhythm and Blues, Electronic, Film, Dramatic, Mellow, Dance, Smooth

Description: Mellow funky theme with pulsing synths and syncopated drums

Description: This is a track that sounds like a smooth jungle beat. Could be rnb, could be hip hop, could be pop. Perfect for a movie or segment for your work! Thank you for purchasing!

Description: intelligent smart sophisticated cool mellow smooth atmospheric dreamy hard dramatic

Description: An ultra modern groove drives this great hip hop track featuring awesome synthesizer melodies.

Description: Cool, laid back old school funk groove featuring electric guitar, bass and drums!

Description: Club Hip Hop instrumental. Used synths and leads. The most fashionable sound!

Description: Slow and dreamy R&B Ballad

Description: This is a Zydeco number. The instrumentation is Accordion, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, ACOUSTIC Bass, Washboard (Rubboard) and Drums.