Description: A mix of HIP-HOP with R&B plus intensive solo sax...

Description: Be Mine, performed by Accidental Airplay is the ultimate hip hop and r n b styled Valentines Day jam. The tune was written for Valentines day exclusively, and features male and female vocals, male raps, fun choruses and chants. A super fun tune!

Description: R and B ballad instrumental pretty guitar and piano soft beat

Description: Classic groove, ‘70s funk and R&B with Disco influences describe this song. Ride the wave of popularity by adding this retro funk to your project. Be a creative genius by adding this to your project. Add this classic funk to your ▪ Cinematic, Dramatic, Action, Adventure Film Trailer, Indie Film ▪ Movie Intro, Film or TV Credits Opener ▪ Retro cinematic sequences ▪ Background for videos ▪ Cinematic after effects projects ▪ Music for Youtube ▪ Retro Product Advertisements, Commercials, Infomercials, Radio Promotions Thank You for your purchase! Let us know what project this song is used in by sending us a link.

Description: This is an Rnb song with trap elements in beat and many different synth sounds

Description: This is a sad romantic song with electrical piano, magical harmony and nice synth melody

Description: This a beautiful rnb song with many instruments - very nice spiccato strings amd piano in the beginning and many synth sounds

Description: This is a slow calm track with hip-hop beat and nice electrical piano sounds