Description: Mid-tempo laid back synth centered cue.

Description: Epic, sublime music at a moderate pace for use in film and video. Recorded in his home studio , using Cubase 8. Key G minor.

Description: A cool and thoughtful up tempo retro pop rock track with a soulful RnB flavor featuring a solid female vocal performance and a tight grooving band with strong bass and drums. Perfect for radio broadcast, tv, film, video production, cut scenes, adverts, entertainment, in-store and on-hold background

Description: Song that combines electric guitars, synthesizers and strings. Analog drum maschine to keep a perfect pace along the whole issue rate. A style that travels between ballads, R & B and soul, creating a sensual atmosphere, enveloping and sweet.

Description: Good Morning Beat - is positive Rnb Beat with fun piano,samples,synths, vocal and orchestral elements.

Description: This Hip-Hop/RNB Beat featuring magic piano,bells and atmospheric synth.

Description: Contemporary take on 70's blaxploitation groove.

Description: A smooth and funky electronic groove track featuring sultry female vocals, whispering, cooing, and singing along with an intricate slapped bass and solid drum beat. Infectious and powerful this song provides an alluring mood for all media projects, radio broadcasts, advertisement, film, tv, in store

Description: Heavy bass groove with Wah guitar, clavinet and synth hooks. A soul funk Cadillac ride.

Description: Determined, funky rock groove...mid-tempo with a bit of tension and mystery.