Description: Upbeat Contemporary, Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Pop, Teen, Heart Break, Love, In Love, Relationship, Puppy Love, Soundtrack, DJ, Scratch, TV, Film, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: Smooth, Urban, RnB, Love, Soul, Pop, Ballad, Lovers, Relationships, In Love, Romance, Boyz 2 Men type track, TV, Film, Youtube, Background Instrumental, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: R&B Instrumental with a Pop twist. Very soft and melodic music for a calm but catchy beat featuring a grand piano, 808 drums and few synths. Very peaceful and intense instrumental for singers, Alicia Keys alike.

Description: Vintage R&B Beat with warm piano,retro drums,bells, trumpets and synths.

Description: mellow guitar with drum and bass and choir very comercial music oriented

Description: Laid back Pop/R&B instrumental featuring piano, synths, bells, leads, and strings. Possible uses can range from songs, love scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: i was going for a more progressive-fusion feel. having unique drums but and the old piano feel gives it a sound all its own.

Description: Smooth RnB song with heavy beat and cheerful, tropical instrumentation.

Description: Midtempo grrovy underscore with a R &B feel. Brass accents.