Description: Themed Hip Hop/R&B instrumental featuring synths, heavy bass, bells, strings, & clavinet. Possible uses can range from laid back songs, chill out/cool scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: hip hop loop with funky beat

Description: Urban lovin' on the west coast. A 90's feel with a crisp snare and prominent piano. A funky synth and guitar to round things out.

Description: Early 90's R&B vibe. Mean bass with prominent vibes. Urban love.

Description: Chilled out groove with dubbed out guitar. Heavy on the bass with prominent piano.

Description: A funky R&B joint with attitude! Tough bass with crisp drums and a funky clavichord hits.

Description: Uplifting R&B/Reggae crossover instrumental featuring brass, electric guitars, piano, synths, and bells. Possible use can range from songs, "chilled out" scenes, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Drum and bass arrangement. Intensive and happy theme.

Description: R&B groove, electric piano, live drums, deep bass