Description: A cool and lively track, made of live drums, warm bass, funky guitars and a cool brass section on top to give it a stylish and soulful vibe!

Description: A fun funky harp chord melody, lush ambient lead moog synth leads, deep sub bass, and hard banging modern urban-pop drum programming / Think a beat you would hear on the show "Empire"

by smidi | mp3 | 4:14 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Modern and Urban Contemporary

Description: Smooth, Mid-tempo, R&B, Soul, Soulful, Pop, Ballad, Rap, Southern Soul, Adult Contemporary, Laid back, Chill, Easy listening, Lies, Heart Break, I Love You, Soul Mate, Leave, Break Up, Divorce, Disrespect, Disobedient, Vibe, Travel, Weather Channel, Love, In Love, Relationships, Electric Pianos, Bass, Guitars, Strings, Percussion, TV Cue, Score, TV, Film, TV Cue Sheet, Radio, Video Game, Youtube, Movie, Soundtrack, Instrumental, Background, Music, Beat, Track.

Description: A relaxed funky track, with warm electric bass and hip drums, mellow guitar licks and a sweet flute melody on top.

Description: A relaxed and cool funky track. With its laid-back drums, bass and seventies-style guitars, it's a great track for every kind of positive video.

Description: Soul urban instrumental for background music

Description: Soul Urban instrumental for background music

Description: SLOW DOWN ( Instrumental Vibe)

Description: A bass driven funky groove. Full of effected percussions, clavinet and reggae style organ, it creates a cool suspense vibe.

Description: A smooth R&B beat with warm piano, drums,guitar harmonics, pads and synths. That’s great for relax stuff. Great for bright & positive video, corporate, love theme, wedding, background music, any project.

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