Genres: Royalty Free Music , Modern and Urban Contemporary

Description: Slow tempo soul music, with touch of Funk and Jazz. Very romantic and inspiring. Works great with video. Available versions: Full track, short edit, loop 1 and loop 2.

Description: Smooth jazz, hot brass section, sexy late night vibe. Lush Making love music, urban themes

Description: sexy r&b groove, sax, scratch, funky electric guitar, percussion.

Description: Nate Dog�1%,Rick Balentine,SCORE LA Library

Description: Funky bass & muted electric guitar groove, percussion, breaks, room to breathe

Description: Smooth r&b groove with an edge, booming kick drums and dynamic percussion. Smooth criminal type music, living the night life, dealing with addictions, seduction and other adult themes. Background music for multiple use. This is a seamless loop.

Description: hip hop loop with funky beat

Description: Soundtrack, Urban, Chillout, Dreamy, Contemplative, Melodious, Underscore, Hypnotic, Haunting, Reflective, Tension, Mystery, Love

Description: Soundtrack, Urban, Chillout, Dark, Sexy, Prince, Hypnotic, Haunting, Reflective, Tension, Mystery, Love