Description: Mellow vibes resonate from this hip r&b instrumental. With a spacey synth background, groovy beat and deep bass line (during chorus), this tune is a good attraction for any media geared toward a 30-something or grown and sexy audience. Nice for urban radio spots and promos.

Description: Fluid electronic pads, edgy dynamic beats and percussion, sparse electronic piano keys. Smooth muzak cue for alluring moments, fantasies, scene transition and more. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Soulful r&b instrumental music that bridges the gap between r&b, gospel and neo-soul style music. Full length instrumental with a bridge segment and resolving with good vibes. Think artists such as Kirk Franklin or Mary Mary. Useful for background music at a lounge, hotel, conference, commercial.

Description: Smooth r&b groove with an edge, booming kick drums and dynamic percussion. Smooth criminal type music, living the night life, dealing with addictions, seduction and other adult themes. Background music for multiple use. This is a seamless loop.

Description: Inquisitive sounding Hip-Hop/R&B instrumental. Simple background music for fairly emotional moments of hope or feeling down and out.

Description: RnB instrumental with dramatic strings, synths, big 808 kicks, heavy hip-hop snare, crisp cymbal crash and fluent bassline. Good for dramatic emotional scenes about discovery, contemplation or love.

Description: Hip-hop/R&B instrumental with an emotional or sentimental feeling to it. Includes bridge segment to really drive feelings of love, sympathy, or remorse.