Description: smooth soul instrumental with lush string melodies, bright piano & spanish guitar.

Description: Mid Tempo smooth, r&b, love, chill, soulful, classic, jazzy, Home Sweet Home, In love, husband, wife, significant other, strings, piano, synths, instrumental, background, music, beat, track.

Description: Soul, R&B, Rhythm and Blues, Electronic, Film, Dramatic, Mellow, Dance, Smooth

Description: A funky vocal track with urban and rock instrumentation and a sense of urgency and struggle.

Description: sould band style instrumental - lots of piano, hammonmd organ, sax etc - a real 'feel good' tune.

Description: Mid Tempo, Love, romantic, r&b ballad, in love, loving, relationships, boo, smooth, Usher type beat, guitars, piano, instrumental, background, music, beat, track.

Description: Please Use this track for your performance, for your podcast BGM. You can use this for various things.

Description: Beautiful sweet and very gentle RnB track with some kind of lounge vibe in it. Works really GREAT with Tv advertisments or jingles or presentations!

Description: Put on your dancing shoes and groove to this tribute to the 60’s Detroit soul groups. Electric guitars, electric piano, bass, drums.

Description: Slightly reminiscent of a 1970’s groove, it is hot, funky and fun! It is upbeat and outgoing. Your audience will fall in love with the smooth groove. It is the perfect theme song for the next vintage drama. It is a theme song that you will get stuck in your head and dance to all day.