Description: smooth soul instrumental with lush string melodies, bright piano & spanish guitar.

Description: 93bpm rnb/funk/soul instrumental with an eerie, suspenseful mood. features spooky aquasonic sound FX, cool rhodes piano, funky clav, powerful fuzz rock guitar riffs, french horn, strings and buzzy analog synths.

Description: chilled out 70bpm ambient soul instrumental with sweet guitar & synth melodies

Description: summery feelgood track with rock guitar, spanish guitar, spacey synth pads & phat beats.

Description: eerie , spooky, unsettling timbaland-style rnb track with melancholy chords, sweet melodic guitars & weird hoover-synth lead.

Description: tough rnb instrumental with acid wasp synth riff, jazzy guitar stabs, and pop-reggae bridge.