Description: A fun funky harp chord melody, lush ambient lead moog synth leads, deep sub bass, and hard banging modern urban-pop drum programming / Think a beat you would hear on the show "Empire"

Description: Smooth chopped and processed Rhodes chords, crystal bell synth fills, lush strings, ambient synth pads, deep 808-sub bass, and detailed ambient trapsoul-modern R&B drum programming

Description: Smooth sexy piano and pads, a sultry lead melody played by violins, violas, and oboe, deep sub bass, and banging modern trapsoul-R&B drum programming / Think Ella Mai, Ty Dolla $ign, Xavier Omar, or 6LACK type smooth trapsoul-R&B beat

Description: Thick banging swing MPC style drums, smooth low electric bass guitar, rich piano-synth-rhodes chords, lush strings, electric guitar riffs, and moog style synth chord patterns / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth flowing pop with a hip-hop / jazzy touch.