Description: swinging 60's hammond organ theme.

Description: Hug your main squeeze while you cozy up to this retro traditional rhythm and blues guitar feature. Electric guitars, electric piano, bass, drums.

Description: Mid Tempo. Laid back feel. Rhodes riff, wah guitar. Jazz-funk groove.

Description: med Groovy, Sexy, Retro Rhodes, Guitars, Flute Ramsey Lewis, Herbie Hancock

Description: Nate Dog�1%,Rick Balentine,SCORE LA Library

Description: The Chill, DLUX THE LIGHT, Mellow, Vibe, Melodic, Spoken Word

Description: An elegant instrumental theme in the genres of electronic dance music (EDM) and 2-step, soft and intimate in mood, well-suited for the visual scenarios imbued with thoughtfulness, warm emotions, fondness, cozy intellectual communication as well as sophisticated erotic attraction.

Description: Funky soul track with male vocals? Energetic, cool and groovy!