Description: An exciting old school RnB groove track ala Aretha Franklin, lady soul vocals, a funky pop beat, thick bass, funky guitar and organ. Can’t stop moving toe tapping, head bopping, fun music for underscores, film, tv, radio play, promos, adverts, radio, hip retro programming multimedia presentations

Description: A happy upbeat pop rock dance number, motown feel, featuring powerful Aretha soul style female vocals, super RnB pumping beats, synths, tenor sax solo. Superb club feel, strong house groove, tightly constructed music an excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, workout video, night life scenes.

Description: A lovely & powerful slow dance beat tight soft pop 70’s RnB track ballad featuring a strong female lead & background vocal performance, delightful tenor sax interweaved, & a rock solid rhythm section. A moving & catchy love song in retro style for radio play, film or tv scenes, media production

Description: Luscious & powerful slow RnB beat: tight rock track ballad featuring a strong female vocal performance, big electric guitar solo, a sweet synth pads, & a rock solid rhythm section. A sensuous I want you love song, solid musical number for radio play, film or tv scenes & all media productions

Description: A sultry, lush and soulful RnB, smooth jazz track that features sexy female vocal shouts, thick groove beats, fat bass, soaring electric guitar solos and a hint of strings. Great as a slow dance piece, useable for underscores for romantic themed scenes, film, tv, radio play, promos, hip lifestyles.

Description: A cool and thoughtful up tempo retro pop rock track with a soulful RnB flavor featuring a solid female vocal performance and a tight grooving band with strong bass and drums. Perfect for radio broadcast, tv, film, video production, cut scenes, adverts, entertainment, in-store and on-hold background

Description: A smooth and funky electronic groove track featuring sultry female vocals, whispering, cooing, and singing along with an intricate slapped bass and solid drum beat. Infectious and powerful this song provides an alluring mood for all media projects, radio broadcasts, advertisement, film, tv, in store

Description: A gently flowing soft rock ballad with elements of old school soul and RnB. A mature male vocal is featured and a gentle harmonized choir provides the background along with piano, bass. This is a song about being grateful for what you have. A nice track for all media projects or listening pleasure.

Description: Smooth jazzy soul big production RnB track featuring expressive female vocal shouts, tightly arranged three horn riff, vibes and piano melodies, a sweet cello line, electric guitar solo over a precise drum and bass rhythm beat. Useful for background track, theme song, slow dance scene, party, events.

Description: A steady heavy soulful grooving track with a melodic guitar lead thick drums and bass and mixed chorus vocal shouts. Live concert feel good for show openings, theme music. Great for voice overs solid foundation for vocals or horn improvisations. Useful for a wide range of media projects, tv, movies.

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