Description: Drama, Funk, Fusion, Sound Effects, Bold, Bouncy, Brassy, Brilliant, Confident, Determined, Driving, Dynamic, Enthusiastic, Explosive, Feel Good, Punchy, Pulsing, Flowing, Funky, Groovy, Intense, Zany, Wild, Struttin, in a Energetic, Exciting, Fun, Happy, Playful mood, featuring Bass, Percussion, Drums, Brass, Sax, Synth, Trumpet, Trombone, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: Blues, Jazz, Jazz-Swing, Latin, Boogie Woogie, Active, Bold, Bouncy, Brash, Confident, Determined, Driving, Dynamic, Edgy, Expressive, Flowing, Fun, Struttin, Jumpy, Laid Back, Light, Mellow, Menacing, Percussive, Pulsing, Proud, Punchy, Sparkling, Groovy, Intense, Wordly, Vibrant, Uplifting, in a Confident, Fun, Playful mood, featuring Percussion, Piano, Acoustic, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Orchestra, Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, with a Mid tempo

Description: Latin-Mariachi, Drama, Show Biz, Latin, Adventure, Big, Bold, Prestigious, Proud, Punchy, Pulsing, Charming, Confident, Brassy, Determined, Driving, Dynamic, Explosive, Vibrant, in a Majestic, Confident mood, featuring Trumpet, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: Show Biz, Latin-Mariachi, Latin, Drama, Fanfares, Adventure, Bold, Big, Brassy, Charming, Confident, Determined, Driving, Dynamic, Explosive, Prestigious, Proud, Punchy, Vibrant, in a Majestic, Confident mood, featuring Trumpet, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: Classical, Classical-Pop, Show Biz, Drama, Active, Bold, Big, Bouncy, Jumpy, Light, Majestic, Pleasant, Pulsing, Proud, Punchy, Sappy, Struttin, Fun, Flowing, Floating, Feel Good, Excited, Expressive, Enthusiastic, Elongated, Driving, Dreamy, Confident, Carefree, Childlike, Breathy, Beautiful, Hi Energy, Warm, Vibrant, Uplifting, in a Majestic, Confident, Reflective, Romantic mood, featuring Harp, Strings, Sax, Orchestra, Drums, Bass, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: Show Biz, Jazz, Vaudeville, Comedy, Bold, Charming, Comedic, Confident, Determined, Dramatic, Sparkling, Retrospective, Reflective, Punchy, Pleasant, Light, Expressive, Feel Good, Floating, Fun, Introspective, Warm, Vibrant, Uplifting, in a Energetic, Playful, Positive mood, featuring Sax, Synth, Percussion, Bass, Drums, Alto, Baritone, Soprano, Tenor, Brass, with a Slow, Mid tempo

Description: Rock, Rock-Hard Rock, Rock-Heavy Metal, Rock-Punk, Active, Action, Aggressive, Big, Bold, Brash, Carefree, Confident, Dangerous, Determined, Drastic, Dramatic, Driving, Dynamic, Edgy, Enthusiastic, Expressive, Strong, Serious, Punchy, Pulsing, Proud, Passionate, Jumpy, Intense, Hi Energy, Heavy, Frenzied, in a Energetic, Exciting, Aggressive, Confident, Adventurous mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, with a Fast tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Sci Fi, Drama-Human Emotions, Sci Fi, Airy, Light, Atmospheric, Melancholy, Mellow, Menacing, Moody, Breathy, Mysterious, Cold, Confident, Pulsing, Dark, Determined, Reflective, Dreamy, Dynamic, Edgy, Sentimental, Elongated, Esoteric, Ethereal, Expressive, Flowing, Floating, Suspense, Gentle, Futuristic, Intrigue, Introspective, in a Mysterious, Reflective mood, featuring Bass, Strings, Piano, Guitar, Electric, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Human Emotions, Drama-Sci Fi, Sci Fi, Suspense, Gentle, Futuristic, Flowing, Floating, Expressive, Ethereal, Elongated, Edgy, Dynamic, Dreamy, Airy, Atmospheric, Moody, Light, Melancholy, Mellow, Melodrama, Menacing, Mysterious, Pulsing, Confident, Determined, Cold, Dark, Breathy, Reflective, Sentimental, Esoteric, Intrigue, Introspective, in a Mysterious, Reflective mood, featuring Drone, Bass, Strings, Piano, with a Slow, Mid tempo

Description: Easy Listening, Rock, Rock-1980'S, Drama, Show Biz, Intense, Hi Energy, Feel Good, Flowing, Warm, Vibrant, Uplifting, Tender, Strong, Airy, Enthusiastic, Dynamic, Driving, Dreamy, Determined, Confident, Charming, Capricious, Bold, Majestic, Panoramic, Pleasant, Prestigious, Pulsing, Positive, Sentimental, in a Confident, Positive mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Strings, Piano, Acoustic, Drums, Bass, with a Mid tempo