Description: Short melodic signature from ww700115 without English horn.

Description: Short melodic signature from ww700115.

Description: Light and friendly afternoon TV type theme with rhythm section and English horn.

Description: Bright and energetic opening theme, goes into repeating loop.

Description: Mysterious, pulsating rhythm with floating synth and string effects overlaid.

Description: Spacey, floating background with effects building into orchestral climax.

Description: A pop ballad featuring piano, acoustic guitar, strings, synth sounds and a smooth drumbeat. This track is melodic and inspiring and is suitable for presentations, advertisements, commercials, podcasts and videos.

Description: This musical composition combines the retro style of the '50s and' 60s with a modern approach to creating the chamber sound of an acoustic group of musicians. Melodious compositions are rather rhythmic and energetic due to active drums and sonorous double bass, but this does not interfere with easy listening. Business meetings, receptions or friendly gatherings in a cafe, restaurant expect such music.

Description: A fun pop song with a big adventurous sound.

Description: Uplifting, pop/soul instrumental with a fun and heartwarming atmosphere. Features guitar, organ, drums, bass, and a vibraphone. Would make a good theme song, family, comedy, drama, sitcom. Instrumental, Rock, Pop Rock