Description: Light & mellow yet positive and uplifting rolling travelogue style theme. Features finger picked acoustics guitars, piano, pads & bells. Ideal for travel, holidays, commercials, shopping channels, infomercials. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30a, 30b versions

Description: Ultra cheesy, kitsch and upbeat 60s retro. Very Austin Powers groovy baby. Featuring go go organ, funky flute and sax. Main mix version, plus underscore, 30 and 10 sec

Description: This is an ambient track with a slightly melancholic but pleasant mood. Solo Cello and Emotional piano give the track it’s unique vibe.

Description: Retro guitar and funky bass provide a 1960s style retro loop, great for retro theme background scenes or video/photo camera roll presentations.

Description: An inspiring and uplifting rock track driven by electric guitars and drums. This building track is great for sports highlights.

Description: Motivational composition that brings excitement to the listener. Soundtrack for TV News, Corporate travel advertisement, Sports Trailer. Lead synth sound accompanied by uplifting and upbeat drums, light and sunny piano and orchestral strings.

Description: Quirky electro-pop tune with light intro for indie films or corporate interviews.

Description: Cartoon music in a 1950s style.

Description: Hopeful and Uplifting corporate music track with Piano, Rhodes, Dreamy Atmospheric sounds, Strong Bass and Drum sections. Great for commercials, presentations, videos and promos. Successful music with a positive and happy vibe.

Description: Pop/Rock instrumental track in the style of Pink, Kesha, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry. Electronic uptempo. Ternary

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