Description: Cool modern Pop track with catchy synths and driving beat

Description: Energetic Pop/Dance track with driving beat and catchy synths. Upbeat, happy and fun.

Description: This bright, energetic and pumping dance / pop track is great for productions that need that radio produced sound you hear in the charts. This is cool, funky, current, modern and fresh feel-good electro background music with a happy hook, that inspires, motivates and energizes. Excellent for party visuals, uplifting business videos and any production that needs a fun, positive and friendly feel.

Description: Positive motivational track with danceable mood. Consist of acoustic guitar parts, piano, and groovy drums.

Description: Fits for many projects,documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: This epic radio synth pop is going in happy One Direction! Justin Bieber play guitar and kiss you girlfriend, so Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are free having a heart attack! Don't be sad, Carly Rae Jepsen and Taylor Swift will call me maybe, but that's what makes you beautiful! Miley Cyrus whistle epic piano to teen, while skrillex is being funny with 8 bit minecraft! For more Great Music and Sound effect, check out HeatleyBros Artist Page!

Description: We all want to be at the top of our game. We want to successfully journey to our goal. This song captures a successful, forward motion to achieve just that. It engages the listener in a positive manner to keep striving forward. It is motivational, light and energizing. Use this under score for your product, commercial or film to empower your audience.

Description: Upbeat powerful R&B track with cool synths and catchy samples. Very groovy and edgy.

Description: Fun and entertaining upbeat track with lots of energy. Summer, beach parties and love is the theme and the track has great potential for advertising, commercials and teenagers. Put some summer footage to it and you got an awesome video!

Description: Sad and nostalgic, but active and tuneful thing, played the recorder, acoustic guitar, bass, percussion and… to the rumble of wheels!