Description: Modern Pop Dance track with solid beat and catchy synths.

Description: strings, soft vocal...can we make a perfect world?.

Description: Happy, carefree modern Pop ballad with cool beat and hooky synths. Great for background music requiring a contemporary feel.

Description: A indie-rock band style, a frenetic, spicy, bright riff. For videos, opening titles, presentations. Perfect for high school life situation, funny and crazy teen adventures. Ideal for tv-series as "Friends" or "Zoey101". Instrumental, Pop Music, Boy Band Pop

Description: This top 40-style track has upbeat drums with horns and guitar and really makes you want to shake it off while having a great time.

Description: Romantic ballad with flowing strings, organ, oboe, building into fully orchestrated section with drums and bass.

Description: Positive motivational track with danceable mood. Consist of acoustic guitar parts, and groovy drums.

Description: Spring Is Here,Sunshine,worm,good for many projecs.

Description: Light background track. Easy synthesizer melody and groovy etchno drum parts.

Description: Very light and airy motivating trek With electronic music elements, and academic stringed instruments. If you like this, let me know.