Description: Very emotional modern Pop ballad with beautiful piano melody, strings and cool Hip Hop groove.

Description: Digital Funk is a funky slice of pop electronica in the style Daft Punk. Built around an irresistible funk groove featuring disco house beats and the coolest smoothest bass riff, the unmistakable sound of a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar is the centrepiece of the track. Luscious synth leads and pads flesh out the song and make it the grooviest of the groovy.

Description: funky guitar riffs and bass grooves surrounded by some light keyboard sounds and some modern drum beats.

Description: groovy drum beats and catchy melodies played with some nice keyboard sounds.

Description: groovy bass lines with some modern beats surrounded by some light keyboard melodies and sound effects.

Description: slap bass grooves accompanied by some funky drum beats and surrounded by some warm e-piano sounds.

Description: funky bass lines with a driving beat surrounded by some warm keyboard sounds.

Description: driving beat and groovy bass lines combined with a funky e-piano.

Description: driving drum beats and some funky bass lines surrounded by some light and keyboard sounds and effects.