Description: This is a take on some soul type electronic music with keys and fun melodic instruments.

Description: This is a piano pop instrumental soothing passionate music for any video production

Description: Blues, Delta/Soul, Dark, Sad, John Mayer, Nostalgic, Heartbroken, Loss, Sorrow, Regret, Reflective, Down Home, Traditional, Standard, Sparse, Country

Description: Blues, Delta/Soul, Light, Contemplative, Underscore, Country, Contemplative, Reflective, Nostalgic, Yearning, Traditional

Description: A retro piece of classic 70s funky street walking music. Great to capture that seventies streetwalking flare show off visual! Other mixes available, including full, alt, stinger, 60 second, 30 second and 15 second. A classic piece of 70s music, created with instruments from the era and decade. Capture that classic seventies sound and evoke that 1970s feeling in your next project.

Description: Need to advertise Pizza? Get your slice of Hot Pizza with this great full song. Lyrics referencing 'Hot Pizza' constantly throughout the song, a funky soulful track that will energize your productions and adverts. A great track to place underneath Pizza or cooking visuals, or for where you need the music to tell a story or support the visuals. This track comes with lyrics and various alternate mixes and cuts.

Description: Melodic good feeling pop song-loop with live instruments. Background music.

Description: Pop band with brass, similar to Rocky Theme.

Description: Sweet beatbox soul song on male voices

Description: Atmosphere pervaded by a subtle melancholy in this loop, with a great electric piano soloist over a texture of synths, strings and percussions.

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