Description: Up tempo house/soul with female vocals

Description: Catchy Pop Reggae Soul vocal with a great groove! Slamming rhythm section and female BG vox too, a nice one.

Description: Fast Upbeat, Fun, Bright Guitars, Drums, Vocals James Brown, Dusty Springfield

Description: Contemporary pop/rock ballad. Pleasant sound of classical instruments mixed with groovy beats and strings. This is a sentimental and romantic pop ballad with piano, woman voice and choirs, emotional and deep drums, live orchestral strings.

Description: At the heart of the instrumental composition lie bongos and keyboards, the guitar easily conducts a melody. The mood is calm, romantic.

Description: Moody guitar solo in minor style. Good in a pensive mood and reflection.

Description: The guitar composition, melody, romance, sun and good mood.

Description: Slow lyrical music, the mood is romantic, sentimental, The sounds are electro piano, electric violin, piano, drums, synthesizer, Music for your inspiration and creating new ideas or projects

Description: A bluesy, soulfully phrased 'love triangle' song in which a man who's trying to comfort his best friend, at the end of an affair, tells the girl in question, who he once loved, that she's now managed to hurt them both'.

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