Description: A kaleidoscope of sound. Colourful and bright. A little different track for different projects.

Description: Pure 70s feeling with funky rhythm guitar, hammond organ, brass and vintage analog synths. Some space hype combined with disco sound for that glitter in your eyes... ;-) Available with and without radio voice and as background version.

Description: A little bit dark but melodic piece. It has a feel of a main theme for a movie or game in the action or fantasy genre.

Description: A kind of overstyled synth track with 80s feel. It has a steady and powerful drumgroove combined with a synth bass, synth arpeggios and acoustic guitar chords. Although it seems more retro, it may also fit in modern productions. Simply try it.

Description: A groovy track with a straight drum groove, piano, synth and guitar licks.

Description: An energetic pop song with a intense synth theme that sounds like a lasergun.

Description: Positve and optimistic song with a static synth theme, short and catchy electric guitar melody, harp, piano, soft brass and drums. Groovy track for many background applications like movies, corporate videos and much more.

Description: Motivating song with glockenspiel arpeggios and hand claps, which make this track lively. Perfect choice for advertising, slideshows and much more.

Description: Straight and positive track with a catchy saxophone melody and cool funky guitars. Versatile song with drive. Trendy sound for many applications.

Description: Uplifting track with a positive message. Very versatile. Tight rhythm, piano, bells, glockenspiel and electric guitar. For slideshows, imagevideos and much more.

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