Description: Smooth, current, hard pumping, house track with amazing synth pads and striking lead stabs. Great for party or inspirational moments.

Description: A video game sounding, happy, trance-like song that gets you moving. High energy, fast-paced, and powerful drums.

Description: A happy electronic holday song with poppy synths and sleighbells

Description: A staccato, synth based dance tune. Pleasant major chords and happy feel. Great for party or celebration vibe.

Description: An inspirational, motivational tune that portrays excellence and refinement and a bit of fun. I picture this song in a car commercial but it can fit many situations.

Description: Dance party song, with cool synth leads and a bouncy, house beat. Makes you want to dance.

Description: Great tune for a spy film or sneaky situation. Cool lead synth plays a ominous line while dance drums and bass back up the song.

Description: Gets you moving. A friendly, good feeling, dance tune with catchy chords and likable melody

Description: Heavy guitar metal/rock tune with driving beat. High energy. Exemplifies tough, heavy action.

Description: An incredibly positive song to lift your spirits. It exemplifies joy, success, and happiness. It is comprised of a solid acoustic drum beat, upbeat piano, and a nice organ background. A marimba comes in and plays the lead.

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