Description: Fireside romance is a romantic track with piano , guitar, and brass, All that's missing is the candle light and wine.

Description: This is a hard driving rock track. Get in the car and head on the open road. Has lyrics.

Description: cool vibe with this funky beat and violin feels like youre driving along downtown Vegas to go to your favorite casino

Description: Morning sunrise is just that . A song you might have coffee with when you wake up. Etherial guitar, and piano.

Description: The struggle of drum beats, and synthesized keyboard come together as one.

Description: ABSOLUTE funky crazy beats and tones make this track a must have.

Description: If you were holding an egg and dancing around this is what it would look and feel like, Cool jam with orchestra and electric guitar

Description: A funky track with piano and big horns get your feet tapping.

Description: Floating Butterfly is an easy going orchestral piece with piano and violin and wind instruments lending their service.

Description: Break beat with a quirky rock organ and some real funky beats get your feet tapping and body spinning.

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