Description: A gentle, friendly and very warm acoustic new-age/jazz tune featuring piano, guitar,electric piano, ukulele, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: a good-time, easy listening soft rock tune featuring piano, electric piano, flute, guitar, bass, drums and congas.

Description: A slow soft rock tune with a very inspirational melody and harmony featuring piano, electric piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A song about what might have been featuring piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A reggae inspired smooth jazz tune with piano, ukulele, tin whistle, vibes, synthesizer, flute, bassoon, bass and drums.

Description: A tender and warm soft rock love song with piano, guitar, electric piano, drums and bass.

Description: A pop/ jazz ballad filled with desire and hope featuring piano, guitar, clarinet, cellos, french horn, flute, English Horn, violin and bowed basses..

Description: a relaxing and moody soft rock tune with guitar, bass, drums, flute and synthesizers.

Description: A wistful and peaceful solo piano tune.

Description: A reflective and warm soft rock tune with piano, guitar, electric piano and bass.

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