Description: Bright & punchy kicks, powerful snares, bright highs, funky percussion, ambient electro synth effects, electro bass synths, light chord pads, and an 80's synth lead / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs strong driving electro pop.

Description: Strong banging break-beat drums, 808 snare drum fills, funky drum loops, low sub bass drops, trance synth and synth bass patterns, and lush chord pads / Think Lil John works with A-Trak / Perfect for any TV or Film cue that needs a strong driving upbeat club track

Description: A thick keyboard melody line, hard low end drums, crisp high end drums, nice smooth piano melody, and a round synth bass / think mainstream pop radio

Description: Strong driving club drums, crisp percussion, deep delay synth bass, trance synth bass and lead melodies, and sound effects / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs strong driving mainstream club-pop music

Description: A catchy trance keyboard melody line, funky electro style synth bass, very strong banging club drums, and keyboard effects / think TV or Film cue for a happy fast moving scene

Description: Thick layered distorted electro synths, low sub bass, piano chord stabs, lush chord pads, ambient sound effects, and hard banging break-beat drums / think James Bond / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs dark epic action or mystery pop / electronic music.

Description: 80's sounding clean keyboard riff, deep smooth bass guitar, rich chord pads, and banging drums / think Jam & Lewis work with Jermaine Dupri

Description: Strong banging kicks and snares, bright percussion, shuffle high-hats, thick layered synth melodies and stabs, low 808 bass boom, and lush chord pads / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs modern strong driving hip-hop with a pop touch.

Description: Thick layered electro synths, sharp synth string chord stabs, 808 bass boom, banging break-beat drums, bright hats and percussion, panning trance style synth melodies, and smooth electro bass / Think Timbaland works with RedOne / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs hard driving electro-pop.

Description: Strong banging drums, MPC swing high-hats, a strong trance style synth lead, powerful synth stabs, 808 bass boom, sub bass drops, and a funky electro bass / Think Kid Sister, Spank Rock, or A-Trak style track / This could work for any TV of film cue that needs an upbeat and happy feeling vibe

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