Description: Banging break-beat drums, crisp percussion and high-hats, deep analog synth bass, 303 acid synth lines, old-school drum loops, 808 bass boom, and warm analog synth melodies / Think Timbaland works with A-Trak / This could work for any TV or Film cue that needs a strong club style track

Description: Powerful club kick and snares, crisp hats and percussion, 808 snare fills, 808 bass drops, funky low sub bass, trance bass, thick layered trance chord stabs and lead synths, and ambient synth stabs / Think Will I AM works with DJ Tiesto / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs modern dance-pop with a catchy melody.

Description: Crisp banging drums, thick layered catchy synth hook melodies, strong synth stabs, lush strings, low driving trance bass, and trance chord pads / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs strong driving up-beat mainstream radio dance-pop with a happy vibe.

Description: Banging club drums, crisp hats & percussion, deep analog synth bass, hooky electro synth leads, delay piano solo, big reverb drum stabs, and spacey sound effects / Perfect cue for a film or TV show that needs strong driving electro-pop music / Think RAC style production

Description: Banging MPC style drum machines, low analog moog bass, ambient chord stabs, piano, clave stabs, horn stabs, and an electric guitar lead /Perfect cue for a Film or TV show that needs modern pop-rock with a swing-island feel.

Description: Strong banging break-beat drums, 808 snare drum fills, funky drum loops, low sub bass drops, trance synth and synth bass patterns, and lush chord pads / Think Lil John works with A-Trak / Perfect for any TV or Film cue that needs a strong driving upbeat club track

Description: A fuzzy lead electro synth, smooth Rhodes, synth, and vibe chords, lush pads, thick distorted 808-sub bass, and hard banging electro-pop drum programming / Think Dua Lipa "Lost In Your Light" Ft Miguel type electro-pop instrumental

Description: Lush ambient synth chords and textures, thick layered electro moog lead synth melodies, spacey rises and effects, powerful sub bass and 808 drops, disco style strings, smooth vibes and Rhodes jazzy chord stabs, and detailed EDM-Electro drum programming

Description: Solid thump kick, strong claps, 808 snare drum fills, crisp 808 hat patterns, very catchy thick layered hook synths, electric guitar solo melody, smooth piano chord stabs, bell melodies, low bass drops, and deep sub bass / Perfect cue for any TV show or Film that needs very hooky modern mainstream pop

Description: Strong crisp and clean kicks-snares, bright swing hats, spacey synth effects, 808 bass boom, dubstep bass, deep sub bass, powerful orchestral synth stabs, a percussive catchy synth leads , a bell layer melody, and swing shakers / Perfect cue for any TV show or Film that needs strong pop-rock mixed with dubstep and hip-hop

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