Description: RAM is the acronym of the name of three of my dear old friends (Riccardo, Antonio, Maurizio). This piece is dedicated to them.

Description: Slow and majestic track. Electric guitar solo that rises above a background of strings, brass and powerful and reverberated percussions.

Description: Powerful and melancholy track, poignant and full of infinite nostalgia. A memory for a legendary band whose music will never die. Great dominant electric guitar in the first part, intimate sax in the second part of the track, with an intensification of beats.

Description: Positive and pulsating track, bright and full of beats. Great for all projects: ads, audio logo, home videos, background, presentations.

Description: Pop track, ethereal and pulsating. The piano melody stands out on a background of percussion, electric bass and synthesizers. The central part is dominated by a solo of electric guitar. Global sensation of positivity, energy and peace. Suitable for: background music, home videos, documentary, film, presentations, soundtracks, visualisation, webpage.

Description: Folk track, sweet and just veiled in melancholy. First part with essential instrumentation of guitar and strings, dynamic and instrumental intensificationin in second part, with entrance of violin, new strings and modern percussions. Good as audiologo, in background, for nature documentaries.