Description: Une pièce jazzy groovy, très sixties, comme jingle pour tout vos projets visuels

Description: An electro pop rock music for your happy trip.

Description: A pop song, a bit eighties with a catchy melody, china kind of key. Use it for commercial, promotion, artistic video, motivational or publicity.

Description: Can we reinvent a classic? Let’s try…A new version of the Pachebel Canon with a positive and dynamic “swing”, with happy ukulele, bells, guitar and other instruments. This inspirational track is ideal for any business related production looking for an uplifting corporate theme. You’ll find alternative versions for commercial use (30 secs edit and 1 min. Edit) on Audiomicro.

Description: An Energic, Dynamic and Uplifting Indie Rock song that encourages passing, to achieve these objectives and success. Brit influenced (Coldplay, New Wave), Pop and melodic this song dress up your presentations and corporate videos. Perfect for TV/Radio advertising, podcasting, viral marketing or any project that requires a fun and uplifting sonic backdrop. Loop Version available on Audiomicro.

Description: Happy song with an acoustic background, almost country, melodic rock with a touch of hope that inspires and encourages the positive overshoot. Acoustic guitar, U2 delay electric guitar, strings and melodic synthetizer are the keys to this song. “Ok Happy Time” is a uplifting business / corporate track that brings images of business success, productivity and growth.

Description: A dance and melodic kind of pop music with a mix of guitars, old school electro and dance music, with a Brit Indie vibe, influenced by Danger Mouse, Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells, Two Door Cinema Club, Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Duran Duran etc...

Description: Magnetic is a pop music piece, atmospheric, epic, dance. Piano, Strings, Synths, Guitars weave a dense and melodic sound canvas that raises enthusiasm exceeded and that feeling that everything is possible, even reaching larger goals.

Description: Rock grandiose, epic, melodic, influenced by Imagine Dragons, U2 and Coldplay. Music inspired, sincere and emotional. Oriented media applications such as YouTube, TV and advertising.

Description: Dance, House, Deep House, perfect for the holiday, sun and summer. Influenced by Lost Frequencies and the hit and remix of Are You With Me?, by Prayer in C remixed by Robin Schulz and by the work of The Avener, I am with You is an amalgam of House and light electric guitars, melodic and trippy. Perfect to get you move and to illustrate your creative or corporate projects.

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