Description: Mysterious a tense of exploration / adventure track with driving energy. A magical and mysterious world awaits you. Ideal for TV,movie,comercial,cartoon,website

Description: This track is perfect for an optimistic, positive summer sound to back any kind of corporate or personal presentation.City traffic ,positive, technology,motivation. Warm and uplifting. Sweet, innocent, melodic theme with a gentle, carefree feel. Great for family and holiday trips, beauty of nature, elderly care, hospital healing, laughter Best for TV, commercials, advertising and business projects. Hopeful and Motivating tune for your successful projects.

Description: Inspirational soaring triumphant track This is the "Big Finish" section of this soundtrack. Written in the style of heroic action films. Energizing track with a fast driving beat and a strong uplifting melody. Positive upbeat music for building confidence and getting pumped up!Great for sports, fitness, corporate events and motivational activities of all kinds!

Description: A new beginning ! Let the old remain in the past . This positive track enlightens your mood with its optimistic melody. Life is beautiful , enjoy each single day as if there's no tomorrow. This track is great for those fast and energetic openings , sports / cars / robots . A Tense driving energy from beginning to end Warm and reflective , this home / family / good times oriented track bring new positive beginnings and optimistic thoughts .

Description: Suspensfull , energetic , spy like For Film and TV.Perfect for lifestyle / cooking /spy / travel

Description: Perfect for background music for corporate or personal presentations, or for voice over work for tv, film, radio, webcasts, etc.

Description: This is an uplifting tune perfect for films,cartoon, presentations or fashion,adverts and TV Shows at the Christmas season. A happy, feel good track, that just makes you smile. Innocent, cute and a little quirky. Stylish background music with catchy rhythm. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads and projects

Description: Breezy and earthy introduction creating an optimistic and brightmood..Modern,synth based version. Would be ideal for Tv,cartoon,radio or web based advertisement or presentation.

Description: Friendly audio logo to use in your commercial, video, app or game!Warm and inviting.Positive and energetic theme, good mood, bright guitars. Explosion of positive emotions in a refrain. Great for corporate, business, presentation.

Description: Gaining traction you race forward with cities and landscapes passing you by. Reflective and thoughtful yet tense and driving. Flying or driving over a vast open space is the vibe that this track portrays. Positive and open energy.Modern and exciting meets cool rockky this is all about speed / action. Fast race cars with a quirky sarcastic element. Aggressive and forward looking drive.

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